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Hansvine Korea Co.,Ltd. since 1999

BBQ Charcoals & BBQ grills

Our company started business under the name of Hansvince Co.,Ltd since 1999 and it was renamed as Hansvine Korea Co.,Ltd from 2014 since expending the field of business brands.

Our product category is remarkably outstanding with outdoor products such as BBQ Charcoals, Heatings and BBQ grills and we are proud of to introduce continuously new products based upon our well experienced condition. We always try to understand well about our customers' needs and demands trying our best to meet our customers' all satisfaction for nearly 20 years. We are very proud of our continuous effort to develop innovative and convenient products over the stereotyped thinking of market with our dedicated passion. Accordingly our goal is to keep the best service for our customer with correct delivery in timely manner and good quality to meet our customers' satisfaction. We hope to call ourselves "The Pioneer of New Idea" continuously introducing innovative products to customers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us without hesitation.

We'll wait for your response with plenty of innovative products.

Sincerely yours,
Hansvine Korea Team

Instant Grill for Coconut Charcoal

Just a matchstick can ignite coconut charcoal in a second !
Enjoy BBQ more than 2 hours !


- Small-box size & weight : 305(L) x 305(W) x 103(H)mm / About 765 g
          - Carton-box size & weight : 322(L) x 550(W) x 320(H)mm / About 4.5 kg
          - Ingredients : AL Foil Sheet

Instant Grill for Gas Stove

Ready to BBQ in 3 minutes !
Enjoy BBQ more than 2 hours !


- Small-box size & weight : 305(L) x 305(W) x 92(H)mm / About 400 g
          - Carton-box size &weight : 317(L) x 472(W) x 322(H)mm / About 2.55 kg
          - Ingredients : AL Foil Sheet


Eco-friendly instant coconut charcoal for BBQ !


- DISK35 type briquettes per inner-box and weight : 5 briquettes per inner-box/About 1.95 Kg
          - Carton-box and pallet package : 8 inner-boxes/carton and 56 cartons/pallet
          - 20' and 40' container package : 14pallets/20'(784cartons) and 28pallets/40'(1568cartons)

Instant coconut charcoal

Eco-friendly instant coconut charcoal for BBQ !


- Cube type briquettes per bag and weight : 32 briquettes per bag/About 1,4 Kg
- Carton-box and pallet package : 10 bags per carton-box and 80 cartons/pallet(40') (88 cartons/pallet(20')
          - 20' and 40' container package : 12pallets/20'(1056cartons) and 24pallets/40'(1920cartons)

Shisha&BBQ Briquettes

Premier Grade !
Eco-friendly Shisa&BBQ Briquettes !


- Fixed carbon 88-90% / Calory 7450-7550 /Heat Content 600℃
          - Volatile matter 5% / Moisture content 1.8% / Ash Content 2.5%
          - Ash color white / Surphur content almost 0% / Ignition time min 2 hours


- Cube type briquette size : 25 x 25 x 25mm
          - Inner-box size and weight : 107(L) x 83(W) x 160(H)mm / About 1 kg
          - Carton-box size and weight : 332(L) X 214(w) x 320(H)mm / About 16 kg

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